Episode 04 – Choose Your Own… New Year!

It’s 2019 at last, and the Podcast of a Nobody is back on the airwaves! In Episode 4 we talk about old, current and upcoming projects, how to relax amidst the bedlam and goal-setting!

Episode 01 – Hello from both of us!

Being incredibly sociable, we say hello in this podcast, talk about how it came about, talk to Simon about his comic writing and publishing, and chat about other things that happened this week!

Podcast of a Nobody

Co-hosting an ongoing podcast, Podcast of a Nobody, is light-hearted, quirky and irreverent chat about life, the universe and our very human thoughts about everything we think we know about any of it.  Find out where to listen and all episodes here  

Last Contact – Series One

Harry, Laura, John and Rashmi have remained unnoticed in their university offices for years. Now, though, funding is low, and Bernard, their eccentric boss, plans to put a rocket silo where they sit, whether they are still there, or not. All episodes of Last Contact are streaming on Amazon Prime   Last Contact Written by:…