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Sketch My Life (Comedy Shorts)


Comedy Sketch Show.
Credits: Actress/Writer
Sketch My Life Channel

Symbiote (Film)

Thoroughly Professional Productions

Symbiote is centred around two characters, Lola and Clay. The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where no one knows exactly what has happened, but where people are nowhere to be found. The houses are empty, the streets are bare. Welcome to the claustrophobic, lonely world of Symbiote. Some things you can’t live without…
Credits: Actress/Director/Producer
Symbiote is available on Amazon Prime

Tuesday’s Mask (Short Film)

Thoroughly Professional Productions

Stephen awakes in a strange forest, disorientated but not alone. A mysterious woman is nearby, who knows more than she is willing to tell him…
Credits: Actress/Director/Producer
Tuesday’s Mask is available on Vimeo

Last Contact (TV Series)

Thoroughly Professional Productions

Someone, somewhere is communicating with aliens without our knowledge. They use hi-tech equipment, physics laws and chemistry bonds beyond our comprehension. They are intelligent people to be revered. This is not a story about them. Harry, Laura, Rashmi and John are not very good at anything, really. They don’t mind. They’ve been happily doing nothing for many years, lost in the myriad of university research projects, supposedly looking into novel ways of communicating with aliens. But now all this has changed. They are down to their last £3.75, and it isn’t even enough to buy Laura a ‘Five Years Without Leaving the Office’ anniversary card, or the glitter to go inside. To make things worse, their boss wants their office so he can build a rocket to send him into space to find aliens…and to really rub salt into the wounds, he’s probably got more of a chance of doing it then the team have of ever delivering any results.This is a story about them. Which is fortunate, because it’s a lot funnier than the intelligent people story could had ever been.
Welcome to madness. Welcome to ‘Last Contact’.
Credits: Actress/Director/Producer
Last Contact is available on Amazon Prime

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