About Marielle

Marielle Birks

Actress & Voice-Over Artist

Actor Details & Voice Work: 

I’m an English actress, based in Scotland, with an RP/South East native accent. I’m 5’7″ with green eyes, light brown hair, and a slim/athletic build. 

For voice work, my voice is, clear, RP, warm, full, relaxed, smooth, soft, soothing, gentle, friendly, likeable, upbeat, bright.

Projects and Experience: 

I’ve worked on professional productions, on stage, in feature and short films and with a Spotlight agent. Most of my roles have been in comedy and more recently I have been doing a lot of voice-over work.  

Extra Skills and interests:

My native language is English, and I am a fluent French speaker;  I can play piano and sing; I can swim, ride horses, cycle and drive.  

For More Details: 

My full actor’s resume and showreel can be found here

For my VO work, details and my voicereel can be found here

For examples of my comedy work, Sketch My Life can be seen here

If you would like to get in touch, you can reach me through the Contact Page


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